Instructions of audit mechanism of Da Gama beta version 1.0 KYC

The time period from the online date of Da Gama beta version 1.0 to the first stage launch of Staking Economy is called ‘platform preparation period’.

The ‘platform preparation period’ adopts KYC access mechanism which represents the responsibility and attitude a platform ought to have. Rules of mechanism are as follows:

1. Each account does not exceed 200 platform coins(DIF), once that happen, excess DIF will be recycled and destroyed.

2. One mobile device register one account only, one phone number is attached to one account only, the multiple account management function will be availble after Staking Economy stage starts up.

3. The registered account has to pass the identity verification to transfer, withdraw and so on.

4. The identity verification has to provide both sides of the ID card with hands holding the front.

5. During the platform preparation period, users are allowed to do transfer with Da Gama beta version 1.0 app ONLY, withdrawing coins out of the platform is temperarily not allowed.


Users are required to read and follow above rules. The KYC access mechanism will be canceled when Staking Economy stage is on.

Da Gama takes users privacy as priority, ensures that the personal information will not be leaked. The relevant information will be destroyed when the platform preparation stage ends.

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