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In order to maximize Da Gama benefits for our communities and users, after several rounds of discreet discussions, Da Gama team has determined to burn 22 million DIF today. The number of burnt DIF accounts for 73.3% of the original issuance of DIF. The current circulating amount is approximately 3.68 million DIF. After the burning, the total circulation of DIF will be decreased to 8 million.

In April 2021, Da Gama will start the auction incineration stage, using platform profits to repurchase and burn DIF until the total circulation is reduced to 4 million finally.

Burn Address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD

Da Gama

November 11, 2020

Event Theme

Da Gama global invitational challenge, win 50,000 DIF reward.

Event Prize Pool

50,000 DIF.

Event duration

From 11:00 a.m. November 1 to 11:00 a.m. November 28

Event rules

  1. During the event, invite users to register with invitation code and complete KYC.

2. Account holds no less than 50 DIF which has to be net purchase till the end of snapshot before the event ends.(DIF net purchase volume = DIF total holding volume — DIF internal transfer volume — DIF selling volume)

3. The above 2 must be met to be counted as valid invitation.

When the event ends…

Da Gama APP System Upgrades Announcement

To optimize the user experience, Da Gama will be undergoing a 30-minute system shutdown to upgrade from 10:00 a.m. Oct. 23. Services such as transfer, withdrawal, transaction and etc. are temporarily disabled during the time.

Udgrade Contents

1) Add a ledger to view the details of previous bills with a single click

2) Add status of withdrawal to view the real-time transfer process

3) Optimize the K-line display and the interface is more user-friendly

4) Add the best staking reward display

5) Add withdrawal verification with google or SMS verification code

6) Add a bulletin board to avoid missing the notice and events

7) Add a customer service work system order to efficiently solve problems for users

We appreciate your support for the Da Gama community!

Seek The Staking King, Win Big DIF Rewards

Event Time: 12:00 a.m. Oct 19 to 8:00 a.m. Oct 24

Participation Condition: successful participation in the staking mining

Event Details: From Oct. 19 to Oct. 23, we’ll broadcast the daily staking profits data, and take a staking profit snapshot of all users.

Event Reward: We’ll calculate the average data of the best SE from 19th — 23th. and take a snapshot of SE for all accounts at 7 p.m. Oct.24. The top 10 with the smallest gap between 2 of them share 100 DIF rewards.

For Example:

User A has a…

Da Gama Staking Economy is launched officially. At 7 a.m., October 2, 2020, Da Gama APP will do snapshots the first time, and then distribute DIF rewards. During the SE period, it is expected to produce over one million DIF, opening a new age of “inclusive mining”.

Duration: around 3 months(duration will be mildly adjusted based on the actual situation)

Volume: more than a million DIF

Monthly output rule:

500,000 DIF is produced in the first month, DIF output increases by 11% month by month.

SE reward:

  • The DIF produced every month during SE is used for reward in two…

Dear community members and ecological partners:

Latest version of Da Gama Beta is online, download and get the best experience. The version number of the latest version is: Android 1.0.4, IOS 1.0.0(1008)

New APP’s main features are below:

1) Multiple account management feature: Multiple Da Gama accounts can be registered and managed by one valid phone number.

2) No limitations of DIF balance for users

3)Remove users’ identity verification: charge and withdraw crypto without identity verification

4)New version is updated regularly: regular updates after releasing a new version, experience the APP’s latest function fast and conveniently.

Meanwhile, the new APP…

To every community users and ecology friends:

During 5 to 6:30 a.m. September 16, 2020, Da Gama has completed the snapshots of account balance of Da Gama Beta.

The angel round distribution of Da Gama is coming to an end. Adhering to the idea of inclusive finance, following the ‘KYC audit mechanism’, Da Gama snapshotted the account balance of APP accounts. Judging from the snapshot results, the number of token of 99.8% accounts did not exceed 200 DIF, strictly complying with the platform’s audit mechanism. …

Da Gama Beta version, an one-stop inclusive financial aggregation platform, is officially released.

Dear community members and ecological partners:

September 1, North American time, Da Gama technical team officially announced that Da Gama 1.0 beta version, the first project of one-stop inclusive financial aggregation platform, has been launched public beta.

Earlier than August 4 before the project white paper, Da Gama had completed the core technical team building, and it immediately initiated the research work of the one-stop inclusive financial aggregation platform. After a period of close beta test, Da Gama 1.0 …

The time period from the online date of Da Gama beta version 1.0 to the first stage launch of Staking Economy is called ‘platform preparation period’.

The ‘platform preparation period’ adopts KYC access mechanism which represents the responsibility and attitude a platform ought to have. Rules of mechanism are as follows:

1. Each account does not exceed 200 platform coins(DIF), once that happen, excess DIF will be recycled and destroyed.

2. One mobile device register one account only, one phone number is attached to one account only, the multiple account management function will be availble after Staking Economy stage starts…

A lot of fans would ask, why would we name the project Da Gama?

As we know that Da Gama is a famous navigator and explorer, his lifetime achievement would be opening up a new route from Europe to India via the Cape of Good Hope in Africa. This achievement has broken the isolation and closed development between eastern and western civilization, and since then, the world has come to the new age of integrative development.

Comparing with the ‘geographical discovery’, Blockchain is the ‘great data discovery’ in human history, to explore the value of data. Blockchain, the first time…

Da Gama

Da Gama, a one-stop inclusive financial aggregator

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